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CCERBAL 2014: Littératies et autonomie des apprenants avancés de langue(s)

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2014 CCERBAL: Literacies and Autonomy of Advanced Language Learners

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From the English CCERBAL website:

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute
University of Ottawa
April 24 and 25, 2014

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute’s research centre, CCERBAL, is organizing its sixth international conference, to be held in April 2014 on the bilingual campus of the University of Ottawa. The seminar theme will address a wide variety of perspectives, including:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the competency of high-level bilinguals. We will explore descriptors proposed by the various bodies such as CEFR, Canadian Benchmarks; the limits and challenges of various testing and assessment tools, and the ideologies linked to advanced language learners/users.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of advanced language competencies. We will examine the challenges and choices related to second language teaching and learning for advanced language learners; the language support needs of high-level bilinguals.
  • The use of technology for teaching and language learning at an advanced level. We will discuss the challenges and issues related to autonomy, autodidaxy of the advanced learner, of those best adapted to teaching and learning for advanced language learners of technological resources to support high-level bilinguals in the workplace, of the training of teachers and instructors.
  • Language policy, planning and maintenance in bi/multilingual work spaces. We will address the structures required to support the competency of high-level bilinguals of the place of language on the hiring, promotion and renewing of personnel of value and recognition of bi/plurilingual competencies in the workplace.

This two-day conference will be a unique occasion to meet in order to share and discuss ideas, findings, knowledge and practices for researchers, teaching professionals, students, language policy specialists and planners as well as other participants with an interest in the thematic of advanced language learners.

Plenary speakers

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