49th ASOCOPI Annual Conference, Colombia


“English Teachers’ Narratives: A Focus on Storytelling as Practice Within Local
Educational Contexts”

Duitama, Boyacá – October 9, 10 and 11, 2014

Call for proposals Deadline July 31, 2014

We  invite  you to submit your proposals

Conference theme: English teachers’ narratives: Stories about teaching
practices within local educational contexts

A teacher’s life is itself a narrative of the combination of meaningful and critical
experiences that take place both inside and outside the classroom. Through
their narratives, language teachers add understanding to their experiences as
a way of informing their language teaching practices across time and contexts.
The BOD of  ASOCOPI, within a socio-cultural interactive framework, intends to
promote a narrative-as-practice approach, which is conceived as  the narrative
construction of teachers’ personal, academic, and professional profile
comprising empirically grounded reconstruction of events by means of
reflective practice.

According to Johnson and Golombek (2002, p. 6), teacher narratives tell:
“stories of teachers’ professional development within their own professional
worlds,” but Duff & Bell (2002) suggest that narrative reflection is more than
language teachers’ just simply telling stories about general happenings within
their teaching world without much of a focus; it should also feature the
reconstruction of specific classroom events and experiences that teachers
deem meaningful and critical for their professional development. That is why
we now have narrative research in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Languages) and narrative frames as a means of investigating teaching
experiences (Barkhuizen, 2008, 2011).

The 49th ASOCOPI Annual Conference seeks to gather the members of the
Colombian ELT community around the theme of English teachers’ narratives:
Stories about teaching practices within local educational contexts. The
conference aims at promoting a nonjudgmental and supporting environment
for pre-service and in-service English teachers to share and to make their
narratives public as a way to validate their making sense of their language
teaching practices.

Organizing Committee 49th ASOCOPI Annual Conference


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FIPLV exists for the worldwide support, development and promotion of languages through professional associations. We are active in over 100 countries and cover several hundred thousand teachers of languages worldwide.
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1 Response to 49th ASOCOPI Annual Conference, Colombia

  1. Diana Toshkezi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for the Call fo papers. I just came back fom vacations and saw the deadline. Is it possible you my take my paper into account for presentation and publication at your conference? I look foward to hearing from you! Dr. Adriana Dervishaj Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana  

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