MAPRYAL’s International congress of Russian language teachers takes place in Granada

International congress of Russian language teachers takes place in Granada

 Over 1200 teachers of Russian language from 60 states arrive to Spain to participate in the congress “Russian language and literature in the expanse of world culture”, that is organized by International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature “MAPRYAL”. The event takes place in Granada in September, 13-20.

The congress is a breakthrough event in the field of Russian philology for the past 4 years. Number of its participants amounts to 1200, among which are teachers of Russian language of all stages of education, literary scholars, linguists, students, doctoral candidates, publishing house representatives, journalists, interpreters and all those involved with study and popularization of Russian language. The event is held on a high official level: the Honorary Steering Committee is headed by His Majesty the King of Spain Don Felipe VI and Her Majesty the Queen of Spain Doña Letizia. Government officials from Russia and Spain will take part in the opening ceremony.

Germany, Austria, China, USA, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Finland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain – 60 world states send their delegates to MAPRYAL congress. Among congress participants are Russian language teachers from Asia-Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, America. “Russkiy mir” Foundation lends support to this event, while University of Granada acts as a congress co-organizer.

The congress agenda covers 14 research areas, including Russian culture and globalization, methods of Russian language teaching, interpretation as a tool for intercultural dialogue, Russian in World Wide Web. Eight roundtable discussions will be devoted to topical issues of Russian language functioning in contemporary world, such as Russian language in Bologna process, distance teaching, Russian in the system of bilingual education, theory and practice of language textbook elaboration.

Of peculiar interest to both literary scholars and all Russian language enthusiasts is roundtable discussion “Contemporary Russian literature in the XXI century context”, anchored by prominent Russian writer, philologist and literary historian, laureate of national prize “Bolshaya Kniga” Alexei Varlamov. The key event of the congress cultural program will be an opening ceremony of monument to great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, which takes place in the public garden of University of Granada on September, 15.

This congress is thirteenth in succession of MAPRYAL International congresses. Since Association foundation date in 1967 similar congresses were held in Moscow, Varna, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Regensburg, Bratislava, Saint Petersburg. Shanghai hosted the last congress in 2012, and the largest congress (over 3 000 delegates) was held in Moscow in 1990.

Press-conference within the framework of MAPRYAL congress in Granada takes place on September, 2015, at Granada Congress Palace. For accreditation contact MAPRYAL headquarters or call +7 (812) 332-94-21, 332-94-23 Find more details on event (in Russian)

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