Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l’éducation VOL 39, NO 1 (2016)

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Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l’éducation
Vol 39, No 1 (2016)
Table of Contents

Éditorial (1-3)
Rollande Deslandes

Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas? Atlantic Canadian Physical Educators on the
State and Future of Physical Education (1-31)
Daniel B. Robinson, Lynn Randall
Les stratégies des accompagnateurs de l’intégration socioprofessionnelle
des enseignants formés à l’étranger : le jeito des despachantes (1-29)
Joëlle Morrissette, Yasmine Charara, Andrée Boily, Serigne Ben Moustapha
The Nature of Principals’ Work and Leadership in French as a Second
Language Learning in Ontario Schools (1-26)
Peter Milley, Stephanie Arnott
Examining the Nature of Theory–Practice Relationships in Initial Teacher
Education: A Canadian Case Study (1-28)
Karen Goodnough, Thomas Falkenberg, Ron MacDonald
Are the Kids All Right? The Impact of School Climate among Students with
LGBT Parents (1-25)
Tracey Peter, Catherine Taylor, Tamara Edkins
Le leadership transformatif : maintenir la langue française vivante au
Canada (1-24)
Andréanne Gélinas Proulx, Carolyn M. Shields
Devenir enseignant en formation professionnelle au Québec : la
collaboration entre les acteurs favorise-t-elle la persévérance ? (1-23)
Frederic Deschenaux, Marc Tardif
The Journey Between There and Here: Stories of a Faculty Writing Group
Cecile M. Badenhorst, Heather McLeod, Dorothy Vaandering, Xuemei Li, Rhonda
Joy, Sharon Penney, Sarah Pickett, Jackie Hesson

Essays/Essais critiques
A Formula for Success? An Examination of Factors Contributing to Quebec
Students’ Strong Achievement in Mathematics (1-26)
Ilona Vashchyshyn, Egan J Chernoff

Book Reviews/Recensions d’ouvrages
Written as I Remember It: Teachings (ʔəms taʔaw) from the life of a
Sliammon elder (1-4)
Jonathan Anuik
The Case for Intercultural Education in a Multicultural World (1-5)
Ian Clark
Growing into Resilience: Sexual and gender minority youth in Canada (1-5)
Jenny Kassen, Alicia Lapointe
Supporting Behaviour for School Success: A step-by-step guide to key
strategies (1-4)
Beth Keyes
Thoughts on Teaching and Learning Mathematics (1-4)
Pauline Quan

Canadian Society for the Study of Education
Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation

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