Invitation to participate in global survey on wellbeing of secondary school language teachers

FIPLV is delighted to share with you this message from Dr Sarah Mercer, University of Graz. Please consider completing the short survey, aimed at teachers of all languages in secondary/high schools, as this is a much needed area of research that is dear to many teachers’ hearts:

Dear Language Teacher,

We need your help! We are working on a research project investigating the wellbeing of secondary school language teachers (ALL languages!) at different stages of their professional careers from pre-service through to retirement. We believe that teacher wellbeing is hugely important not only for the welfare of teachers but also for their capacity to teach to the best of their abilities. We also believe that not nearly enough attention is paid by researchers or authorities to this vitally important topic. We hope to change that and we need your help to try to make a difference. We would be very grateful if you could perhaps find 15 minutes to take part in our global online survey:
Your participation would be completely anonymous.

If you feel you can spare more time to perhaps help generate further detail to our understanding of global language teacher wellbeing, we will also be looking for volunteers to take part in a 45-minute interview (in person or via Skype) at a time that would suit you. You will be offered the chance at the end of the survey to volunteer for this but there is no obligation and the survey can be completed without this option.

For further Information about our project, please visit our website:

Feel free to contact the project leader if you have any questions or concerns, Univ. -Prof. Dr. Sarah Mercer:

We would be very grateful for your help. Please do pass this on to any language teachers you know working at secondary level.

We look forward to learning from you and your colleagues.

Many thanks,

Sarah Mercer

On behalf of the FWF Research Team

About fiplv

FIPLV exists for the worldwide support, development and promotion of languages through professional associations. We are active in over 100 countries and cover several hundred thousand teachers of languages worldwide.
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