News from MAPRYAL: Descendant of Leo Tolstoi to deliver a lecture in Stockholm

 March, 4, 2020

Vladimir Tolstoi, descendant of world renowned writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoi in March, 13, visits Stockholm and delivers a public lecture “Russian classic literature in a present-day world”.

Vladimir Tolstoi, a great-great-grandson of Leo Tolstoi, on March, 13 visits Stockholm. Essay writer, philanthropist, advisor to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and newly-elected President of International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) participates in a series of academic events dedicated to multilingualism and foreign language study.

Lecture delivered by Vladimir Tolstoi serves as a starting point in the agenda of anniversary celebrations of Central Association of Russian Teachers of Sweden (CARTS), that takes place in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sweden on March, 13. In his speech V.Tolstoi will focus attention on “eternal values” of the Russian literature and their reflection in a present-day Russia, activities of literary museums in Russia, including Literature and Art Festival “Garden of Geniuses” that he personally launched at museum-manor of Leo Tolstoi Yasnaya Polyana.

Meeting with Russian language teachers at the Russian Embassy in the afternoon will be followed by a round table discussion at Stockholm University, hosted in collaboration with MAPRYAL. Scholars from Sweden, Russia, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania will share views on modern theory of the Russian language description and ways of its application in the practice of teaching Russian to non-native and bilingual speakers. Vladimir Tolstoi enjoys a guest privilege at round table discussion. Both events on March, 13 are open to all teaching staff and students, as well as enthusiasts in the field of language study and linguistics.

The day’s program will be finalized in the evening at the Meeting of Presidium, which acts as the executive body of MAPRYAL and is held twice a year at different academic establishments. At the meeting representatives of national communities from 12 countries will introduce new projects, discuss agenda of the association, issues of enrollment of new members into MAPRYAL and bestowal of the Alexander Pushkin medal to the outstanding teachers of Russian.

To participate in the meetings with Vladimir Tolstoi in Stockholm, contact director of MAPRYAL administrative office Alexander Korotyshev, email or call +7 (812) 332-94-21

International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) is a non-governmental institution supporting academic research and public initiatives in the field of Russian language and literature, as well as Russian studies. Since its foundation in 1967, the Association comprises national communities of Russian language teachers, departments and faculties, language schools, publishing houses and individual scholars, developers of teaching methods from 72 countries. URL:



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