Call for Proposals: Effective Online Language Teaching in a Disruptive Environment

Dear FIPLV Friends and Colleagues

Please see below information about a Call for Proposals for an edited book entitled Effective Online Language Teaching in a Disruptive Environment from our good friend and colleague, Pete Swanson PhD, former President of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

The Covid-19 global pandemic radically and rapidly, and perhaps forever, changed the K-20 educational landscape. In March 2020, K-12 schools and institutions of higher education were forced to pivot quickly to online and remote teaching. This new paradigm resulted in many teachers, regardless of content area, being singularly unprepared. Unlike other content areas, the teaching and learning of languages requires interaction (Long, 1981, 1983) in a communicative environment. This underscores the need for face-to-face, synchronous instruction, a requirement not necessarily present in other content areas. Language teaching is unique in that the content is taught in the target language. This entails a double-cognitive load for learners as they must process the content while concomitantly using it to the best of their linguistic abilities. The constraints placed upon this interaction by the online and/or remote learning environment compounds the difficulties learners experience while trying to master a second, third, and so forth language.  Given this singular challenge for teaching languages online, the proposed volume will gather evidence from the field that offers guidance vis-à-vis best practices, innovations, remarkable and even unusual achievements that will help language teachers succeed in the future.

This is an international Call, intending to gather experience from around the world. Potential authors need to go to the website for the CFP, login, and submit your proposal there. Website url:

I hope you will wish to contribute to this important volume.

All good wishes


Prof Terry Lamb PhD

About fiplv

FIPLV exists for the worldwide support, development and promotion of languages through professional associations. We are active in over 100 countries and cover several hundred thousand teachers of languages worldwide.
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