Managing a Language Teacher Association

Setting up a multilingual Language Teacher Association

In 2015, FIPLV Member Association BETA organised a Roundtable with representatives from several unilingual teacher associations in Bulgaria. The purpose was to explore the benefits of enabling language teachers of all languages to collaborate. The Roundtable explored these issues and shared a number of different models of collaboration, which had been recommended by a range of FIPLV member associations around the world.

The presentation can be found here in English and here in Bulgarian. Associations are welcome to adapt it for their own purposes.

Learning from each other: A Handbook for Language Teacher Associations

This Handbook was produced as part of the ECML Project LACS (Language Teachers and Collaborative Support), coordinated by FIPLV, and is based on research with approximately 100 FIPLV members worldwide. It is a living document (and therefore labelled ‘draft’) but will form the basis of online discussions in coming years in order to keep the ideas updated and to add other sections. It provides many examples of how language teacher associations are managed, which obstacles they meet, how they may be involved in research etc.:

Handbook for Language Teacher Associations

You will find the page in English, German and French.

Online directory of language associations/organisations

This fully searchable directory was also a product of the ECML Project LACS, coordinated by FIPLV, and it is intended to facilitate collaboration between professionals from different language teacher associations and other language organisations as well as across different languages, regions and countries. Below are some examples of how it can be used:

  • associations and organisations wishing to find partners for events, competitions etc, to publicise their activities, to campaign for languages or to seek sponsorship
  • project teams needing to carry out a needs analysis in relation to their project focus, to try to involve a wider range of organisations
  • language organisations wishing to disseminate an activity, targeting particular countries, regions, types of association etc.
  • individual teachers or schools wishing to establish contacts in other countries

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