The International Language Association

The ICC is a non-government organisation with participatory status at the Council of Europe. As an international network for language learners, teachers and researchers they  aim at improving quality in language education wherever it may be found.

Their mission is to improve the learning and teaching of languages in post 16+ education and lifelong learning through joint developments and the good practice of their members.

The ICC achieves its aims through the following activities: contributing to policy making at intergovernmental level; validating examinations of adult learners’ competence in foreign languages; running teacher certification schemes; administering quality assurance schemes for courses, teaching materials and other products concerned with lifelong learning and languages; initiating and cooperating in internationally-funded projects; holding international and regional conferences; dissemination of appropriate materials through its website.

The ICC hosts a Facebook-site that can be found here.

Here you can find their newsletter of June, 2013: ICC June Newsletter

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