Invitation to participate in global survey on wellbeing of secondary school language teachers

FIPLV is delighted to share with you this message from Dr Sarah Mercer, University of Graz. Please consider completing the short survey, aimed at teachers of all languages in secondary/high schools, as this is a much needed area of research that is dear to many teachers’ hearts:

Dear Language Teacher,

We need your help! We are working on a research project investigating the wellbeing of secondary school language teachers (ALL languages!) at different stages of their professional careers from pre-service through to retirement. We believe that teacher wellbeing is hugely important not only for the welfare of teachers but also for their capacity to teach to the best of their abilities. We also believe that not nearly enough attention is paid by researchers or authorities to this vitally important topic. We hope to change that and we need your help to try to make a difference. We would be very grateful if you could perhaps find 15 minutes to take part in our global online survey:
Your participation would be completely anonymous.

If you feel you can spare more time to perhaps help generate further detail to our understanding of global language teacher wellbeing, we will also be looking for volunteers to take part in a 45-minute interview (in person or via Skype) at a time that would suit you. You will be offered the chance at the end of the survey to volunteer for this but there is no obligation and the survey can be completed without this option.

For further Information about our project, please visit our website:

Feel free to contact the project leader if you have any questions or concerns, Univ. -Prof. Dr. Sarah Mercer:

We would be very grateful for your help. Please do pass this on to any language teachers you know working at secondary level.

We look forward to learning from you and your colleagues.

Many thanks,

Sarah Mercer

On behalf of the FWF Research Team

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FIPLV International Award 2018 – final recipient

Prof. Jitka Radimská  (Kruh Moderních Filologů (KMF) – Czech Modern Language Association)

Jitka Radimská, a full professor at the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures of the Faculty of Arts, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, has devoted her long and successful professional career to promoting and developing Romance studies not only in her home region of South Bohemia but also at other partner universities both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

She started her professional life as a grammar school teacher of Czech and French in the town of Český Krumlov. After twenty years of experience in French language teaching (1971-1991), she became a recognized authority and continued her numerous activities in the academic sphere. She co-founded and for more than fifteen years directed the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of South Bohemia. She was also actively involved in founding a bilingual French-Czech grammar school in Tábor, the Czech association Gallica for university teachers of the French language, literature and methodology and she established the South-Bohemian branch of the Czech Modern Language Association (Kruh moderních filologů). In 1993, she was awarded with the Order of Academic Palms (Chevalier de l´ordre des Palmes académiques), a French national order bestowed to distinguished academics and figures in the world of culture and education. In 2009 she was appointed as a professor in the theory and history of literature and decided to devote herself fully to her research and to supporting and mentoring new Ph.D. candidates and young researchers.

Professor Radimská has published a great number of articles and monographies including propaedeutical texts for university students and secondary school teachers (e.g. Anthology of French Literature or Lire et commenter). She founded two scientific journals (Écho des etudes romanes and Lingua viva), two editorial series of monographies (Acta Philologica Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis and Bibliotheca viva) and an internationally recognized compendium series (Opera romanica) which became important publication platforms in foreign language philology. What she personally values above academic publications is an original, playful and beautifully illustrated French language textbook for preschool children, Ma planète, which is still in use and shows that even languages which are considered to be difficult can be learnt by little children easily through games and fun activities.

Professor Radimská is appreciated for all her professional contributions to Czech Romance studies but also for her ability to support young researchers and to motivate and inspire all her colleagues and students to follow their own path.

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Les Langues Modernes numéro 4/2019: Évaluation et certification en langues : tensions, évolutions, perspectives

L’équipe de rédaction des Langues Modernes a le plaisir de vous annoncer la publication du numéro 4/2019 :

Évaluation et certification en langues : tensions, évolutions, perspectives

Les enjeux sociétaux, éducatifs, et économiques liés au développement des certifications en langues sous-tendent des prises de position politiques importantes de la part des acteurs du monde éducatif et nous pensons que ce numéro permettra d’engager réflexion et discussion pour la compréhension des enjeux actuels et à venir en termes de certification et d’évaluation en langues. (Éditorial).

Dossier coordonné par Jean-François Brouttier
* Introduction, Jean-François Brouttier
* Pour l’élaboration d’une politique LANSAD efficiente, par Stéphanie Mac Gaw
* Les enjeux de l’interaction orale – l’exemple du CLES, par Yves Bardière
* Évaluation et « constante macabre », par Pierre Frath
* Évaluation : injonctions paradoxales dans l’enseignement des langues, par Marc Rollin
* L’épreuve orale du DELF : une homologie entre performance économique et performance langagière ?, par Véronique Rivière
* Le FLS et le DELF au lycée, par Élodie Graveleau
* Certifications et évaluations de basque en France, par Argia Olçomendy
* Évaluer les compétences en communication plurilingue – le cas de l’intercompréhension, par Christian Ollivier
* Norme(s) et évaluation des variétés prosodiques en espagnol, par Sabine Tinchant-Benrahho
* Témoignage sur l’évolution des pratiques : CECRL et cohérence, par Yannick Guillet
* Évaluation et écriture créative en FLE : proposition de descripteurs, par Huey-Yu Huang
* Le contrat d’évaluation en didactique des langues étrangères, par Yiru Xu et Chao Li

Lire les résumés des articles.

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Learning Learning Vol 26 No 2

Many thanks to the Learning Learning Editorial Team for sharing the publication of Learning Learning 26.2, the Autumn 2019 issue of the JALT Learner Development SIG newsletter. Many interesting articles fully downloadable.

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A Happy New Year to all our members and friends!

Thanks as always to our dear friend in Brazil, Francisco Gomes de Matos, for his peace poem.

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Violeta Jurković presented with an FIPLV International Award in Slovenia

Violeta Jurković (SDUTSJ – Slovene Association of LSP Teachers)

Violeta Jurković is Associate Professor of English and Chair for Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is an established Member of the Senate at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport and Member of the Commission for Quality Assurance at the University of Ljubljana.

Her main research interests include Maritime English, ESP/EAP methodology and education, mobile assisted language learning and ESP/EAP discourse.
She is a Member of the Editorial Board of the journal of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers Scripta Manent, Co-editor of the monograph LSP Research in Slovenia and Conference Coordinator of the 1st international LSP conference in Slovenia. She is Head of the Slovenian group involved in the Erasmus+ project TRAILs: LSP Teacher Training Summer School and Head of the Slovenian Terminology in Maritime English project.

She has published chapters and articles in prestigious journals. Her work as peer reviewer for a wide number of journals both in Slovenia and abroad was internationally recognised when she received an award for her outstanding peer review in the ESP Journal.
She presented her research results at many conferences in Slovenia and abroad. She was also a keynote speaker at the conference of the Association of LSP Teachers at Higher Education Institutions in Zagreb, Croatia.

Violeta Jurković has contributed considerably to the development of the LSP field in Slovenia serving as an active member of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers. She was President of the association from 2005 to 2006 and from 2009 to 2013. She was Head of the special interest group Development of Foreign Language Policy within the Association.

Violeta Jurković has been recognized as an excellent teacher by her students as well as colleagues. Willing to share her comprehensive knowledge, wide experience and great expertise in LSP research she mentors doctoral students. She is not only an outstanding teacher and researcher, but also a valuable colleague, always prepared to face new challenges and offer assistance.

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Congratulations to Jaakko Laaksonen, latest recipient of the 2018 FIPLV International Award

Jaakko Laaksonen (SUKOL – Federation of Foreign Language teachers in Finland)

Mr Laaksonen has all through his career taken an interest in and been actively involved in pedagogical development. He has always been willing and ready to share his expertise and findings with SUKOL and language teachers. He is highly appreciated for his hands-on approach, which is found most useful in a language teacher’s everyday work.

We would like to emphasize his active role in educating upper secondary school teachers for Matriculation Exam digitalization.

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ECML 25th Anniversary Conference: Livestream starting at 10:30 CET 5 December

ECML 25th Anniversary Conference – Livestream starting at 10:30 CET
on 5 December

#ECMLconference #25ECML #70coe

On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 December 2019 the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe will livestream its Languages at the heart of learning: 25 years of inspiring innovation conference.

The event will celebrate the ECML’s 25th anniversary (as well as the Council of Europe’s 70th anniversary) and reflect on the important contribution made by the Centre to the field of language education.

The event will also showcase the results of the ECML’s current programme – Languages at the heart of learning – and launch the next programme 2020-23 – Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences.

For further details of the conference programme and the livestream see:

The conference is in English and French with streaming in the original language of the speaker.


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FIPLV International Award 2018

AATG – American Association of Teachers of German (USA)

Mit rund 3.500 Mitgliedern ist AATG der größte IDV-Mitgliedsverband weltweit und zeichnet sich durch sein großes, vorbildhaftes, unermüdliches Engagement zugunsten der Deutschlehrenden und der deutschen Sprache nicht nur in den USA, sondern auch in der Großregion Nordamerika aus. AATG ist Initiator von verschiedenen Projekten in den USA. Hier seien nur ein paar Beispiele genannt: German is my future, Teach German, National German Week, Deutsch mach Spaß, F-L-ACH, Tag a Teacher, Getvico u. a.

Jährlich nimmt AATG an der ACTFL-Tagung mit zahlreichen Sessions für Deutsch teil. So war es ebenfalls 2018 mit der Teilnahme an der ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo (Incorporating the FIPLV World Congress) in New Orleans/USA. Auf Einladung von AATG nahm der gesamte IDV-Vorstand am World Congress teil und konnte vor Ort eine gemeinsame Vorstandssitzung IDV-AATG abhalten sowie sich einen guten Überblick über die zahlreichen AATG-Aktivitäten verschaffen.

Im Rahmen des ACTFL/FIPLV-Kongresses führte AATG in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Goethe-Institut ein Symposium zum Thema „Best Practices für die Anwerbung von neuen Deutschlehrenden“ durch. Dieses Symposium brachte 80 eingeladene Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer von DaF-Verbänden sowohl aus den USA als auch aus Kanada, Mexiko, Deutschland und Österreich zusammen, um sich intensiv mit dem bestehenden Fachkräftemangel für DaF/DaZ sowie möglichen transatlantischen Lösungsansätzen zu beschäftigen. Die Bedeutung dieses Symposiums für die Verbände aus der Region muss hier ganz besonders unterstrichen werden.

AATG unterstützt allerdings nicht nur die Deutschlehrenden in Schulen und Universitäten, sondern auch Studierende. Diese Gruppe angehender Deutschlehrer/innen wird durch zahlreiche Projekte, Stipendien und Sommerprogramme gefördert. Hier setzt AATG besonders stark an, da die Nachwuchsförderung – thematisch hervorgehoben 2018 im Rahmen des oben genannten Symposiums – einen besonderen Schwerpunkt für den nordamerikanischen Verband darstellt.

Eine weitere sehr gelungene Leistung von AATG 2018 bildet die aktive Beteiligung des AATG-Vorstands unter der Leitung von Susanne Rinner an der Herausgabe des IDV-Magazins, das im diesjährigen Frühjahr erschienen ist ( Das IDV-Magazin erscheint regelmäßig zweimal im Jahr (Frühjahr und Herbst) und widmete sich im thematischen Heft 95 dem Großraum Nordamerika. Geographische Schwerpunkte in unserem Magazin erlauben es, die Erfolge, Leistungen und Herausforderungen einer bestimmten Region intensiv zu beleuchten. Dank dem Engagement des AATG-Teams und der nordamerikanischen Verbände leisteten Vertreter und Vertreterinnen von Universitäten, Schulen, den Goethe-Instituten und der deutschen Botschaft anschauliche und interessante Beiträge und gewähren damit Einblicke in unterschiedlichste Aspekte des Faches Deutsch als Fremdsprache in Nordamerika.

Ferner gilt es zu erwähnen, dass AATG zur Gruppe der sogenannten IDV-Fördermitglieder gehören. Für die IDV-Mitgliedsverbände besteht die Möglichkeit, das gemeinsame Verbandsnetz durch eine Fördersumme zu stärken, die in einen Solidaritätsfonds einbezahlt wird und die Reduktion von Mitgliedsbeiträgen ausgleicht, für die Mitgliedsverbände berechtigte Anfragen stellen können. Auch 2018 trug AATG zu diesem Fonds bei, sodass finanziell leistungsschwache Verbände auf diese Weise ihren Antrag auf Reduzierung des IDV-Mitgliedsbeitrags genehmigt bekommen konnten.

Aus den obigen Gründen nominiert der IDV seinen Mitgliedsverband AATG für den FIPLV Award 2018.

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FIPLV International Awards 2018 – first recipient

Professor John Hajek (AFMLTA, Australia)

Professor John Hajek has a distinguished and lengthy career as a languages educator, and has made exceptional and outstanding contributions to the field as a leader of languages education throughout his career.

His contributions to community languages in Australia; to the professional engagement of teachers of languages in schools and universities; to the learning of languages in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, in universities and in community schools; and his involvement in numerous projects to promote languages education and the importance of language recognition nationally and internationally in the political arena give him prominence that is recognised through many keynote presentation invitations, including several at AFMLTA international conferences and notably the Horwood Address in 2017, as well as consultation invitations from government, education departments, professional associations, and community organisations.

His work with schools and teachers of languages in schools is extensive, including consultations on pre-school and early years languages programs, with AFMLTA, with education departments and governments across Australia, and, of critical importance, with individuals and groups of languages teachers. His willingness to share and collaborate, to engage and give unlimited time to the profession has had a profound effect on languages teaching over the past decade. He is currently engaged in collaboration for a Vietnamese-English bilingual school, and has been active in bilingual schools networks, including for Italian-English schools and pre-schools. His work on literacy in these areas informs the collaborations and programs adopted in the schools, as well as engaging local communities.

His work in the school languages education space has led to development of new curricula, approaches to languages education, language teacher preparation, and community attitudes to learning languages and plurilingualism. He has provided extensive professional learning sessions for teachers of languages, across all the states and territories of Australia.

In summary, Professor Hajek has made exceptional contributions to the languages education field in Australia, that clearly meet the criteria for the FIPLV International Award. These contributions span community, school and university programs, and involve work with students, teachers, schools, departments, government, industry and communities. We believe him to be a highly deserving recipient of this award.

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