Academic publications

Mediating Innovation Through Language Teacher Education (Cambridge Elements series in Language Teaching) – free online up to 3rd November 2022

Prof. Martin East, Senior Vice-President of our member association, NZALT has kindly allowed us to share the free downloadable copy of his new book widely with our members. Prof. East is one of the organisers of our next FIPLV World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand, 6th-9th July 2024. His excellent contribution to the Elements series “examines how pedagogical innovation in language classrooms can be mediated through language teacher education (LTE) by subjecting the author’s own practices as a teacher educator to scrutiny”.

The book will be available for free until 3rd November.



Íkala New Issue on “Decoloniality in ELT: The South Writes Back”

Ikala is proud to present our latest special issue (volume 27, issue 3) on Decoloniality in ELT, prepared with Co-editors Carmen Helena Guerrero, Clarissa Jordão, and Gabriela Veronelli. This special issue deals with a thorny issue that questions the core of deeply rooted assumptions in ELT and proposes a myriad of approaches to English teaching otherwise. The cover and dividers that adorn it display different details of the work “Interacción”, by talented Colombian artist Laura Carolina Osorio Villa.