Learning from each other: A Handbook for Language Teacher Associations

This Handbook was produced as part of the ECML Project LACS (Language Teachers and Collaborative Support), coordinated by FIPLV, and is based on research with approximately 100 FIPLV members worldwide. It is a living document (and therefore labelled ‘draft’) but will form the basis of online discussions in coming years in order to keep the ideas updated and to add other sections. It provides many examples of how language teacher associations are managed, which obstacles they meet, how they may be involved in research etc.:

Handbook for Language Teacher Associations

You will find the page in English, German and French.

Setting up a multilingual Language Teacher Association

In 2015, FIPLV Member Association BETA organised a Roundtable with representatives from several unilingual teacher associations in Bulgaria. The purpose was to explore the benefits of enabling language teachers of all languages to collaborate. The Roundtable explored these issues and shared a number of different models of collaboration, which had been recommended by a range of FIPLV member associations around the world.

The presentation can be found here in English and here in Bulgarian. Associations are welcome to adapt it for their own purposes.

Languages in Europe: Towards 2020

Find the full pdf here.

The final publication of the LETPP (Languages in Europe: Theory, Policy, Practice)project is now available, on line and as a hard copy publication. Based on the discussions and debates which took place in 2010 it provides a framework for future consideration of language policy in Europe. It includes a review of current policy and policies at European and state level, an analysis of how things are changing and suggestions for future action in relation to such central issues as The Future Model of Language Policy, The Lingua Franca, Multilingual Education, Languages beyond school (including the importance of immigrant multiligualism), Languages and the Worldwide Web, Multilingual Cities.

Promoting plurilingualism – majority language in multilingual settings

Find information about how to order the publication here.

MARILLE – about the handbook:

To show how plurilingualism can be fostered in majority language teaching (for example, the teaching of Spanish in Spain or Polish in Poland) in secondary schools, this publication offers concrete examples for teacher development and strategies for change management. This resource book is complemented by video classroom examples soon to be available on this website.

The publication provides tools for majority language teachers focused on recognising, supporting and promoting plurilingualism
Reflective questions on how to implement plurilingualism in the majority language classroom

LACS – Language associations and collaborative support

About the LACS publication
The publication was developed by the ECML LACS (Language Associations and Collaborative Support) members, coordinated by FIPLV. It is aimed at those involved in the running of language teacher associations at international, national, regional and local levels. This may include paid employees or, more frequently, volunteers. It provides guidance on the effective running and networking of associations.

Why was it developed?
It contains contributions from language teacher associations around the world, and is intended to stimulate ongoing collaboration, sharing ideas on how to support teachers more effectively, and to contribute to improvements in the quality of language teaching.

Please visit the LACS-homepage to find useful information about how language teacher associations are managed, which obstacles they meet etc.:

You will find the page in English, German and French.

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