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Introducing: Open Accessible Summaries in Language Studies (OASIS)
We are very pleased to introduce OASIS, an online database of one-page summaries of peer-reviewed studies on language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism, written in non-technical language.

Research findings often do not reach the people who could benefit from them, as journal articles can be hidden behind paywalls and are frequently written in highly technical language. OASIS aims to make research into language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism physically and conceptually available to a wide audience.

What OASIS offers

OASIS currently has over 230 summaries online and we are adding new ones every week.

The OASIS database is fully searchable. Users can browse by category (for example, language being learnt or topic) or use the search function to find summaries relevant for them.

OASIS is supported by key journals in the field of language learning and teaching, including Language Learning and The Modern Language Journal (find the full
list of supporting journals on our website). Some of these journals are now asking authors of new articles coming out to write a summary of their work, providing OASIS users with accessible versions of the latest published studies in the field.

All of this is openly available. So, teachers, teacher educators, curriculum developers,
CPD providers, policy makers, parents, students, researchers, and anyone generally interested in language research check out OASIS at
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IRIS is a free, digital repository of materials used to collect data for research into second language learning and teaching. FIPLV has been supporting IRIS since it first began to be developed as we feel that it is a hugely valuable resource.

Since the site went live in January 2012, over 3600 instruments, used to collect data for a range of L2 research, have been uploaded. IRIS has now had over 20,000 downloads, almost double this time last year. These instruments are all downloadable and can be easily used or adapted for teacher-led research in the language classroom. IRIS is funded by the British Academy and the ESRC, and supported by a wide international network of journal editors and research and teaching associations.

Follow the IRIS Facebook page for IRIS news and updates on open science.