Registration and Housing are now open and full information can be found at the Convention and Expo webpage. Please note that there is a very special members’ fee for members of FIPLV member associations – contact your national office for the FIPLV code that will enable you to access this rate. Please also note that there is a huge discount if you can book by the early bird deadline of July 11th. If you miss that, there is still an advance rate until October.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member of an FIPLV Member association, you are entitled to a greatly reduced conference fee. You will need to have the special FIPLV code to enter when you book. This has been sent to all of our member associations, so please contact them in the first instance. If you have any difficulties, contact Terry Lamb at T.Lamb1@westminster.ac.uk.

What is FIPLV?

The Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes, founded in Paris in 1931, is the only international multilingual association of teachers of languages. It has Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) ‘official partner’ status with UNESCO and has representation as an NGO with the Council of Europe. More about FIPLV here. For information about what membership of FIPLV brings you, please see below (after the news from our member association ALL).

LATEST! Our latest Newsletter October 2017  has just been published and can be found here. Full of news about FIPLV and its members and associates!



ALL – the UK Association for Language Learning – publishes Languages Today three times a year. Due to popular demand from international audiences, it has now introduced the Languages Today online edition, which enables ALL to provide its highly valued publication via a more timely and cost effective delivery mechanism, particularly for those located outside of the UK. When you purchase this product you will be sent a PDF to download which contains a link to the online edition. For further information, click on the image above.

What FIPLV shares with you:

□ Support with promoting language learning

Contact with associations all over the world

□ Ideas for managing a language teacher association

□ Information about other language organisations

□ Open discussion among members (Forum)

□ Engagement in projects

□ Resources for language teaching, teacher training and researchers

□ Information about events: World Congresses, FIPLV Regional events, and other conferences and activities through our regular News and Twitter feeds

□ Information about publications

Documents on language policy

And, of course, all our latest news!


On FIPLV : A Poetic reflection

by Francisco Gomes de Matos, Recife,Brazil. President of the Board,ABA Global Education

In FIPLV interest in world languages we see

In FIPLV, multilingualism in action we see

In FIPLV languages-cultures are bridges between you and me

In FIPLV a commitment to Peaceful Language use we see

For FIPLV professionally to advance

The transdisciplinary preparation of language teachers may FIPLV enhance



The World Congress in Niagara Falls, organized jointly by the International Modern Language Teachers’ Federation (FIPLV), the Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA) and the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT), was a great success, with over 1200 participants.

Follow the link below to see photos as well as some presentations on the CASLT website: https://www.caslt.org/what-we-do/what-we-do-wcml-cmlv-2015_en.php