IRIS is a free, digital repository of materials used to collect data for research into second language learning and teaching. FIPLV has been supporting IRIS since it first began to be developed as we feel that it is a hugely valuable resource.

Since the site went live in January 2012, over 3600 instruments, used to collect data for a range of L2 research, have been uploaded. IRIS has now had over 20,000 downloads, almost double this time last year. These instruments are all downloadable and can be easily used or adapted for teacher-led research in the language classroom. IRIS is funded by the British Academy and the ESRC, and supported by a wide international network of journal editors and research and teaching associations.

Follow the IRIS Facebook page for IRIS news and updates on open science.


The Centre is located at the University of Venice and can be found here.

It hosts several sections:

  • Laboratorio Itals, Italiano Lingua Seconda e Straniera: it organises training and provides material for teachers of L2 and FL Italian (see section on Resources and Publications):
  • Laboratorio Ladils, Didattica delle Lingue Straniere: it organises training and provides material for teachers of FL in Italy, especially concerning CLIL
  • Laboratorio LabCom, Laboratorio di Comunicazione Interculturale e Didattica : it deals with intercultural communication as a part of  language education and with communicative problems in the classroom
  • Laboratorio Dicrom, Didattica dell’Intercomprensione Romanza: the centre deals with intercomprehension among speakers of  Romance languages
  • Progetto Globes – Deal, Apprendimento delle lingue, dislessia e bisogni speciali: it deals with language teaching to students with special learning problems, especially dyslexia

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