FIPLV International Award

FIPLV will soon be accepting nomination for the 2017 FIPLV International Award. Please contact the secretary-general Terry Lamb for more information about how to nominate.

FIPLV International Award Recipients


Dr Zarina Markova (BETA-IATEFL) 

Zarina Markova has been part of BETA-IATEFL Committee since 2008: five years as a co-opted member (2008-2010; 2014-2017) and four years as an elected member (2010-2014). As an elected committee member, Zarina was in charge of the international relations, and she put effort into strengthening the links with partner associations. She represented BETA at six conferences of partner associations, two of which were the annual IATEFL conferences in the United Kingdom. Her IATEFL talks were selected for SIG Days twice (in the Young Learners and Teenagers’ SIG Day in 2013, and in the Research SIG Day in 2015). She was BETA’s Official Representative in the SEETA Community (2008-2014), where she moderated open forums, conducted (together with Nina Tsvetkova) a SEETA event on intercultural education and young learners (February 2009), and was in charge of the network etiquette and the community article bank. Together with Desmond Thomas, she was an academic adviser to the SEETA Small-scale Teacher-led Research project (2014-2016); as such, she conducted several webinars on data collection and analysis, and online sources of research findings, and guided the participating teachers during both the collaborative and the individual stages of the project. Zarina was part of the BETA Conference Organizing Committee in the period between 2009 and 2016, and the Conference Secretary at the conferences in 2009 and 2014. Since April 2014, she has been coediting (with Sylvia Velikova) BETA-IATEFL E-Newsletter, the bimonthly magazine of BETA, and the annual BETA Conference Selections. Zarina is a member of the C Group – a group of EFL professionals whose aim is to promote creativity in English language teaching and learning.

1 AFMLTA Joseph Lo Bianco

2 LATEUM Ekaterina Mikhailovskaya

3 STIL Hafdis Ingvarsdóttir

4 SUKOL Annukka Kosonen

1 IDV InDaF – Indo-German Teachers Association

2 APLV Christian Puren

3 BETA Sylvia Velikova

4 EVOL Ene Peterson

5 SUKOL Kirsti Santaholma

1 LALT Elena Berdnikova

2 STIL Audur Torfadóttir

3 SUKOL Anna-Kaisa Mustaparta

1 ANILS Gianfranco Porcelli

2 SUKOL Tiina Primietta

1 SUKOL Sinikka Marila

2 VLLT Christien van Gool

1 LALT Valija Vahere

2 SUKOL Anu Parikka

1 LATEUM Natalia Gvishiani

2 SUKOL Marja Martikainen

3 NZALT Gail Spence

1 LALT Olga Ozolina

2 HALT György Szépe

3 SUKOL Kyllikki Vilkuna

1 LMS (Norway) Rita Gjørven

2 VLLT Alex Riemersma

3 LALT Diana Rumpite

4 AFMLTA Angela Scarino

5 SUKOL Leena Vaurio

1 LATEUM Olga Alexandrova

2 AFMLTA Marjory Ellsmore

3 NZALT Mairi Ferguson

4 SUKOL Raili Hilden

5 LALT Anita Vanaga

1 SUKOL Anja-Liisa Alanko

2 AFMLTA Marg Gearon

3 NZALT Mary Gray

4 RALMLT Irina Khaleeva

5 MAPRYAL Vitaly Kostomarov

6 LALT Laimdota Trinkuna

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